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if you don’t sacrifice for your dream then your dream becomes your sacrifice.
Sydney, Sat 01 Jun 2019
Thu 23 Aug 2018


I wrote a bunch of articles about higher level of Object Oriented Design. But I think it's necess...

Wed 22 Aug 2018


S - Single Responsibility Whenever we create a class or method or even variable, we create each o...

Tue 21 Aug 2018


When we look at the reality or a situation in real world, what do we see? Now I’m sitting at a co...

Mon 20 Aug 2018

Design Patterns

1. Separating out the things that change from those that stay the same. Obviously, we do it to a...

Fri 17 Aug 2018

Best Practices OOD

I have to say that we tend to make the attributes of class become messy. Attributes are the chara...

Fri 17 Aug 2018

Best Practices

When we were Junior developer we didn't actually notice so much about exceptions in ruby. That is...

Thu 16 Aug 2018

Software Architecture Design Patterns

The topic today is again Object Oriented Design. We just have three words O-O-D though. Naming I’...

Wed 15 Aug 2018

Software Architecture Ruby on Rails Design Patterns

Have you ever considered about using class inheritance or modules while coding? So, when do we de...

Tue 07 Aug 2018


One of the performance matter we usually encounter is Enumerator. Today, I introduce you a kind o...

Mon 06 Aug 2018

Ruby on Rails Design Patterns

What are the reasons for using Inheritance and Composition. Speaking of Inheritance, we refer to ...

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