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Sun 14 Oct 2018

Javascript MERN Stack

Redis is a database which stores data in RAM so it's pretty fast. However, if server restarted, w...

Thu 11 Oct 2018

Software Architecture

We talk so much about programming. In an ecosystem, there are not only the source code but also t...

Wed 10 Oct 2018

MERN Stack Javascript Design Patterns

Learning a language programming is pretty simple. People think it's hard just because they don't ...

Fri 05 Oct 2018

Software Architecture

coming soon

Fri 05 Oct 2018

Software Architecture

Though we are talking about software design everyday. But which criterion we rely on to evaluate ...

Fri 05 Oct 2018


Repository Here. Node.js currently is pretty hot. I can see that there are a lot of companies whi...

Fri 05 Oct 2018


I'm pretty lazy (lol). I found the best explanation after watching 100 thousand videos. I'm just ...

Fri 05 Oct 2018


Firstly, we create file and define crucial paths which are used in functions we will deve...

Thu 04 Oct 2018

Ruby on Rails

Rails 5 finally provided an easy way to add realtime communication between Rails 5 server and web...

Tue 02 Oct 2018


Technically, it's like a tracking device. At first when I investigate any technology I look for t...