Building Sense of Problem Solving
Thu 26 Mar 2020

Despite we have already read a tons of book but if we have not built sense of development yet, the knowledge we gained is only the theory.

I would like to say that practices are very essential. We read books or watching tutorials is just the need. The next step that we have to transform them to skills. So I recommend two steps while gaining knowledge. They are crucial.

  1. Reading, Watching and Learning.
  2. Practise to transform knowledge to skills.

Do not just say. Let's turn it to action. If we ignore step number 2, we would lose what we read and learn. It goes to nothing and wasting time.

If we learn how to feed animals, let's do it! Buy a dog or cat or any animals you want to feed.

If we learn how to sell things, let's do it! Sell your camera, lens, laptop or any things you had. 

If we learn how to dance, let's do it! Dance! Open youtube video and dance instantly. Going to dance club.

If we learn how to speak a language, let's do it! Find someone who can speak with you regularly.

Let's act. If we do it once, it's only an action. But if we do it many times, it becomes skills.

So, if you want to have a better coding skills. Let's code but wait! Don't get me wrong. Coding skills improved by trying and rethink. Think about the reason you do this or do that. Why you put code in this place or that place. Which one is better. Better coding skills does not mean you code faster but it is about the quality of code. 

If you want to improve architecture design, let's do it. Design a system by yourself. Try and fail and try etc. You gotta have a sense of design. You build it until you have it. Analysing issues, think of both good and bad things, pros and cons. Start problem with WHY?.

It is not about development but about problem solving. Think of difficult things as problems you have to solve. By analysing and figuring solution out, you gain skills. Development is only small practice. The skills you got from that will help to solve problems of your own life. 

This period of time, corona virus is damaging people and limit you working at your house. You can not go out and meet friends. Is this problem? It becomes a problem if we expect the opposite. So the root cause is virus. If we can't solve the root cause now, what we can do? We start with minor problems that you can not go out regularly to meet friends. But we can't solve this problem because this problem is the solution for root problem. So we try to turn problem to no problem. If you do not want to go out, it turns to no problem. Finding something attract you at home. Books, TV, crazy ideas, feeding animals, blogging, online business, sex, games etc. You don't have the wants or needs to go out so that it turns to no problem. It looks weird because it is like if we can't solve problem we try to think it's not a problem. Actually, Buddha said your mind is a big problem. It is root cause of war and starving.

Anyway, turning problem to no problem is the best way. We don't need to solve problem cause no problem found. 

Take away:

  1. Learn and Practice going together. Learn without practice will lose your time.
  2. Practise a lot to turn what you learnt to skills.
  3. Best way to solve problem is solve no problem.