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Software Architecture

Wed 30 May 2018

Software Architecture

Have you ever heard "Software Architecture"? So what is this? Software Architecture is simply Architecture of Software. There are many things in a software. Architects need to examine what is the i...

Wed 15 Aug 2018

Software Architecture Ruby on Rails Design Patterns

Have you ever considered about using class inheritance or modules while coding? So, when do we decide to use inheritance instead of module? Coding design is just about arranging code in our applica...

Thu 16 Aug 2018

Software Architecture Design Patterns

The topic today is again Object Oriented Design. We just have three words O-O-D though. Naming I’d like to say that OOD is not just about Inheritance. When we put some classes there and make them i...

Fri 05 Oct 2018

Software Architecture

Though we are talking about software design everyday. But which criterion we rely on to evaluate whether it's good or bad design? Sometimes, I felt ridiculous because some people always said that t...

Fri 05 Oct 2018

Software Architecture

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Thu 11 Oct 2018

Software Architecture

We talk so much about programming. In an ecosystem, there are not only the source code but also the database. We have to admit that the data is very important. Almost the application we are program...

Mon 24 Dec 2018

Software Architecture Best Practices Performance

Rabbitmq and Sneakers would bring to us a ton of benefits. That is one of many solution for improving performance by placing synchronous work into a background work asynchronously. However, we can ...