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Best Practices

Fri 17 Aug 2018

Best Practices

When we were Junior developer we didn't actually notice so much about exceptions in ruby. That is because we didn't develop library to contribute the community yet. If we used to create libraries o...

Fri 17 Aug 2018

Best Practices OOD

I have to say that we tend to make the attributes of class become messy. Attributes are the characters to distinguish class from the others. These ones make them different. It’s like black people w...

Wed 29 Aug 2018

Best Practices Ruby on Rails

In fact, Ruby on Rails (ROR) does help us a lot. It makes our code shorter. It's close to the natural language. The syntaxes are pretty nice. I can't agree more about these things. However, as a Ru...

Thu 13 Sep 2018

Best Practices OOD

I actually intended to add this post to old article about the same title. However, I don't want to make an article too long. Regarding to this principle, there are so many things to learn. Because ...

Tue 25 Sep 2018

Best Practices

We learn a lot about programming. How to write a good code which is clean, maintainable, readable, reliable and many other dimensions. However, an ecosystem is not only the code but also many other...

Mon 24 Dec 2018

Software Architecture Best Practices Performance

Rabbitmq and Sneakers would bring to us a ton of benefits. That is one of many solution for improving performance by placing synchronous work into a background work asynchronously. However, we can ...

Thu 18 Jul 2019

Best Practices Performance SQL

If we work on a complex system, queries are pretty complex with a ton of subqueries, we would encounter the problem of optimization of query. In order to achieve a goal, we have many ways to do. So...

Wed 01 Jan 2020

Best Practices Ruby on Rails Design Patterns

I have been coding for many years. I read many books about clean coding and practising them myself. I found that the rule for clean code is Decoupling. Another the name is Isolation. You might know...

Sat 04 Jan 2020

Data Structures Ruby on Rails Best Practices

In order to design this function we need to know self-join technique first. Now let's have a look. 1. Self-join SELECT employees.*, as manager FROM users as employees JOIN users as m...

Mon 27 Jan 2020

Best Practices Microservices

Microservice is a very popular architecture but I don't see many tutorials on internet. So let's me show you what we can do with Microservice. We don't need to do big things. It's like when we solv...