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Will Nguyen

Problem Solving

Sat 20 Oct 2018

Problem Solving

Problem solving is the essential skill. So what is the good way to improve this skill? So many developers with good problem solving skill tell us that we need to train this one on daily basic. Howe...

Thu 01 Nov 2018

Problem Solving

I'm sitting here at Trung Nguyen coffeeshop in Vietnam near the Airport. I'm solving a problem for traversing tree. Some ideas just came up, I really want to write it down. We are totally wrong abo...

Tue 02 Jul 2019

AngularJS Javascript Problem Solving MERN Stack

Below is Angular code but you can do it simple, just focusing on the encodeURIComponent. Read the link below to get to know the reason.  get html() { return this.viewTrustDocx; } private get viewTr...

Sun 26 Jan 2020

Data Structures Problem Solving Algorithms

Breadth First Search If you have not known Breadth First Search yet: This is a traditional algorithms we should know cause it would be an efficien...