My Leadership
Mon 30 Dec 2019

This is my perspective about Leadership. I have joined many companies so far and I do understand that Leadership is a very important factor making impacts to the company's culture.

So why I said this? What do you think about expanding software? So you would think that software are just about development, infrastructure, you might be wrong. Software is also about humanity. Because the main factor who decides to expand software that is leader. Leader here is the person who have the right to make decision. Although we can talk about many leaders but only one person who can make decision. He would decide whether development team goes to this place or that place. I'm not saying that other team members who are not important but making decision is the business of leader. 

Leadership is what it exposes in its name "lead". Becoming a leader means we make commitment to help team members. We help them to see what we can see and trying to see what they want us see. We encourage them to moving forward. Leaders don't focus on bullshit. Leadership is a beautiful word so if you have a chance to become a leader. Let's look at it seriously. Because you are the person who can make big impacts to many things around. 

Leadership is about trust. In order to gather people we must believe in same things. People won't come to you if they don't believe in you. People can't get inspired from you if they don't trust you. Believing or not, if your friends don't trust you so that what you are saying which turning out to be bullshit. As a leader we show people what we see, we convince people to believe what we believe. It's hard work. I swear. 

Leadership is not about we can do specific things. But about influence, inspiration, motivation and much more about your living experience.